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Someone left a cupcake in the rain! April 15, 2009

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HEYYYYYYYY THERE! HAPPY EASTER( a little late but that is how i rollllll.)

Anywho, i made this righteous skirt (w/o a pattern) and it has cupcakes on it and it was raining, there fore explaining the title. It zips in the back. i know what you are thinking this is soooooo cool (okay probably not you are probably thinking about pizza or monkeys but whatever) but i have a picture!


umm to explain the giant happy face, that was at my moms request.

Peace Out!

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Super Saturday!!! April 11, 2009

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Hey Guys!! I’ve Decided that i need to do some more fun stuff on here so alas…..



Every saturday, i will post a new project. This will start next saturday 4/18. The instructions and materials needed and materials used will also be there so you will be able to make the project yourself!!


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Hey everyone! April 2, 2009

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I have been very busy and that is why i have not been posting! I am on spring break now and i have 12 days off (woo hoo!) so i will be able to sew and knit and be merry! horrah!!!


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